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Herbal Molasses - Grapes
"Good one "
from Eevil kakoo, Australia
Organic Green Tea
"Very helpful in lowers high blood pressure. Also burn fat so fast"
from annie, canada
Organic Green Tea
"Awesome! It helps to clear the body system. I would highly recommend this product to my friends. Thks Alsultan!"
from Masie, Singapore
Aroma Charcoal
"صراحةً جربته واعجبني"
from اسماء, الامارات - دبي
Organic Green Tea
"Was recommended by a friend and I like it. Using it and will highly recommend others to try. Really good!"
from Parisha, Singapore
Chicken Stock Powder
"I would like to buy alsultan spices. I was recommended by a friend. Where can I buy your product in Indonesia? If there is no one, how much if I order from you?"
from Novita, Indonesia
Aroma Charcoal
"All smell are great specially the oud one. It last long and easy to use."
from Jamal, Dubai
BBQ bag 4Kg
"Very good"
from yaser alhourani, Jordan
Facial Tissue
"Nice Product"
from Mohamad Soufan, Oman
Chicken Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Ayam Non MSG)
"Enak dan sehat, cocok untuk kami yang tidak dapat menggunakan msg, praktis dan harga kompetitif"
from Niniek, Indonesia
Herbal Molassess 250g
Slimming Tea
"Alsultan Slimming Tea helps reduce my weight 3 kg within one good"
from Sarah, Indonesia
Chilli Sauce
from Mohamad Soufan, Oman
Garlic Powder
"Praktis buat anak kos, harum bau nya"
from Tina, Indonesia
"I was amazed when I used the product. It was sooooo cooool. Can ignite any thing."
from John, Australia
Red Chilli
"Very efficient for busy working people who travel a lot like me, just add this chilli into any food specially my favorite noodles , yummy"
from Rindang, Indonesia
Arjela charcoal 24pcs (red)
"chacoal is very good for shisha no headache"
from Abedalrahman, Dubai
Green Tea
"Taste good can lower my blood pressure and maintain good level"
from Tuti, Indonesia
Peanuts Butter
"enak pisan euy!"
from arief, indonesia
Prayer Clothes - Mukena
"very soft material, not expensive"
from tuti, Indonesia
"My kid likes it very much, no preservatives too"
from Sri, Indonesia
Organic Cinnamon
"I love to see all alsultan products specially food ones, where can i buy your products in USA"
from Helen , Texas, USA
Beef Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Sapi Non MSG)
"most wanted product tampaknya..."
Beef Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Sapi Non MSG)
"Beef Stock Powder"
from Yessy, Indonesia
Meat Tenderizer (Pengempuk Daging Alami)
"Meat Tenderizer "
from Wignyo Tedjakusuma, Indonesia
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Meat Tenderizer (Pengempuk Daging Alami)
Beef Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Sapi Non MSG)
Chicken Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Ayam Non MSG)
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Chicken Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Ayam Non MSG)
NAME: Chicken Stock Powder Non MSG (Kaldu Ayam Non MSG)
مرقه الدجاج
INNER QUANTITY : Net. 80 Grams
OUTER QUANTITY : 20 Bottles per carton
Alsultan Chicken Stock Powder without MSG brings out the aroma and adds full, rich flavor to any meal, while not overpowering the natural flavours of other ingredients. Healthy and safe for those who care about health and taste.
You can use it in stir fries, casseroles, risotto or sauces by adding directly to meal few minutes before the end of cooking or it can be sprinkled over chips and roasted vegetables.
It is easy to use Alsultan Chicken Stock Powder:
simply sprinkle on meats prior to barbecuing, frying or baking,
add to sauce or gravy
mix 1 teaspoon (3 g) with 1 cup (250 ml) of hot water and use as a soup base or liquid stock for other meals.
Alsultan Chicken Stock Powder provides you with the opportunity to cook a healthy tasty home made meal even when you are short on time.

Kaldu Ayam Alsultan Tanpa MSG membuat masakan anda beraroma dengan rasa yang lezat dan menyehatkan. Cocok digunakan untuk berbagai macam masakan maupun campuran snack.
Kaldu Ayam Alsultan merupakan pilihan anda yang mengutamakan kesehatan tanpa meninggalkan kelezatan rasa dalam masakan anda.